May 27, 2015

Best Football Gloves By Brand -Review

Best Football Gloves By Brand

For several years now there only been 4 major brands that make gloves for all ages and levels of football. Those 4 brands are Cutters, Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour. The gloves that made the list today are the best gloves that each brand offer.

Cutters Gloves

Cutters Gloves are the only company on this list that only makes Gloves for sports.In the  short time that Cutters have been around they have went from unknown to being one of the best at making football gloves. Cutters gloves C-tack to give there gloves grip. But the C-tack is apart of the grip so it never gone as long as the grip section is there.   On the down side Cutters glove need to be clean and washed a lot to keep there amazing sickness.

Cutter’s X40 C-Tack Revolution Football Gloves

Cutters Glove X40 uses C-TACK Revolution , the X40 is the best combination of performance and durability – with improved fit and  light. Cutters glove took the new C-Tack Revolution and made  the strongest, consistent, and  durable grip possible. Other gloves may look similar, but C-TACK is the only one where the grip is part of the material. This makes it a permanent, self-restoring grip, ensuring you will perform at your highest level.

The X40 is great for  most positions (RB,WR,TE,CB,DB)

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Cutters The Gamer Football Gloves

The ultimate  padded glove. The Gamer is made for players  wanting  padding along with the feel, grip, and dexterity of a  receiver glove. Features a C-TACK grip, ventilated palm, superior finger flexibility, and a form-fitting design. Great for  any position: WR, RB, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB.

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Cutter  Hexpad Lineman Glove

McDavid’s patented HexPad Technology is the one of the best protective padding on the market. Is now use in  Cutters lineman glove, HexPad’s individual closed cell athletic padding is dense and lightweight. It moves with and conforms to your hand, creating the ultimate in performance, protection, comfort, and flexibility. The HX80 also features C-TACK Material on palm patch and fingertips for ultimate grip and durability.

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Nike has proven that they are the only other brand that can keep up with Cutters Gloves. Nike has show that they make dependable gloves that fit well ever time. But some time the flashy looks out does there gloves. Nike uses Magnigrip which is a coating that they use that seems to last.  And washing them does not remove the coating as long as it not hot water. So no washing with hot water.

Nike Vapor Jet 2 Football Gloves

Nike  Vapor Jet 2 Football Gloves is durable and lightweight.The Vapor Jet is made  with  graphic palms with all-weather grip for performance and durability. Ventilated mesh panel encourages airflow across back of hand. Dual-tension strap with articulated thumb enhances fit for a secure fit and added flexibility.  Vapor jet is good for RB,WR and DB

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Nike Superbad 2.0 Football Gloves

Nike  Superbad 2.0 Football Gloves  Are made for players need padding but wanting a receivers grip. The Superbad is light weight and very durable and good to be used by most postions RB,WR,TE,LB,DB.

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Nike Adult Hyperbeast Lineman Football Gloves Uses Hydragrip. An alternative grip built for consistent performance across wet and dry conditions. Zero-seam construction provides durable protection with integrated palm pads. Full-coverage padding wraps hand in flexible thick pads made to move fast and hit hard. Evolved two-strap system tightens the wrist and palm separately for a custom fit. Precurved fingers design improves grip

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Reebok was the best but as of late they have went down hill. But it not that they aren’t making good gloves it just that other Brands are making gloves better.But there glove still have some of the coolest designs around.Reebok  uses Griptonite which is the only other grip that is built into the glove.

Reebok NFL Equipment XG54 Receiver’s Glove

Reebok NFL Equipment Reebok NFL Equipment XG54 receiver’s glove design maximizing breathability and moisture wicking. Xg54 uses advanced grip area which extends farther down the wrist. The expansion seamless palm and full-finger grip wrap provide maximum grip and ball control, useing Griptonite 2.0 palm with friction-based energy provides unparalleled rapid spin reduction causing the ball to “cling” to your hands, maximizing grip and ball control.

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Reebok, NFL Equipment Receiver’s Glove  Mayhem

The ultimate football glove has arrived – utilizing ultra-lightweight seamless compression technology shapes and molds to your exact hand, while maximizing breathability and moisture wicking.. The new GRIPTONITE 2.0 palm with friction-based energy provides unparalleled rapid spin reduction causing the ball to “cling” to your hands, maximizing grip and ball control. The “grip” is built into the palm, not applied, so it won’t break down or let you down. Wipes clean and re-generates for continuous, unbelievable grip.

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Reebok NFL Smash 1/2 Finger Football Gloves

The Reebok Smash 1/2 finger padded lineman, linebacker gloves have a super tackified, heavy duty palm. The ProGel double padded fingers and back of the hand offer added protection. Isolated finger padding improves flex and movement. Made with an elongated wrist closure for added support. An ideal glove for lineman and linebackers.

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Under Armour

Under Armour is newer to the top list as well. As they started with the kids and work there way up. Under Armour football  gloves are some the best fitting glove on the market,But the grip leaves something to be desired. UA uses Armour GrabTack  which is a great grip and last a while. 

 Warp Speed Football Gloves  by Under Armour

Warp Speed is lightweight glove that uses  UA  GrabTack. Which is UA best grip ever, giving you the edge on the field. UA precision fit ensures perfect comfort, mobility, and support on the field.  Custom fit TPR closure tab for a comfortable, secure fit. 4-way stretch fabrication improves mobility and accelerates dry time, while maintaining shape.  Single-piece palm with rollover Armour GrabTack thumb and index finger for superior ball control.

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 Combat II Full Finger Gloves Gloves by Under Armour

The Combat has lightweight, flexible perforated padding on  back of the glove which delivers breathability. Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from hands to keep you dry and comfortable. Armour GrabTack, UA  stickiest grip system, on palms and thumbs gives you great grip. Pass-blocking pad puts protection between you and the rush.

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 With all these gloves that made the list  of the top 4 brands. You should be able to tell that Football gloves have came along ways. And now I want you vote on Which gloves  you love and the experiences that you had with any of these football gloves. But from  where I sit Cutters have the best all round Gloves on the market.

Also if you have any question please leave here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



  1. My vote goes out to Cutters.

  2. Hey well thanks for the list here now I got an idea what to buy my son.

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